Seek knowledge from as far as China

Generative Arabic Letterism is an experiment in art. It is the hybridizing of Arabic Letterism and Generative Art. I believe that is a novel approach that has not been tried before.

I am labeling the current work as Version I. The instrument for producing this art is crude at this stage and the generated art might be crude as well. The “Generative” feature of this art results from the usage of the computer to make some of the art decisions. The core of the computer’s decision-making is based on a random number generator. My own inputs come from the design of the art algorithms and the rules set within.

Arabic Letterism itself has been around for about three decades. It is a modern interpretation of the traditional Arabic calligraphy and exhibits a deconstructive approach to it. Generative Arabic Letterism keeps within the deconstructive approach of  mainstream Arabic Letterism, which incidentally reflects the current reshaping of Arab countries as the Arab spring sweeps across the region. Yet, there are no political intentions whatsoever behind Generative Arabic Letterism.

Disclaimer ( : All characters in Generative Arabic Lettersim are purely fictitious. In case of resemblance to real life incidents in the Arab Spring, you will have to blame the random number generator : )


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